One Tone Outfits


One tone/coloured outfits are my best and i believe have a very powerful look. One would say that have one coloured/toned outfit makes thing much easy, well right and wrong, well you see when you basically working with one color you don’t really have much to work with. Accessories must absolutely become your friends as they will help you turn mixed clothes into an amazing outfit.


Being African allows me to use big and bold accessories because we have them and the basically who we are they are part of our culture.


The Fashion Price


Fashion or should i say styling doesn’t have to be expensive, actually it is not expensive fashion and styling is all about you find something that is you and you feel that you can pull it off very well.


If something is beautiful and you love it you should have it. If you want to stay on top of the fashion game then you will shop everywhere and it won’t matter what the price tag on the garment is.

The coats you see here were just R120 each from a street market in one of my home town.



Style is what ever you do with fashion/clothes

Every Journey is a PhotoShoot


Traveling is always a memory on its own when you add a photoshoot to it, it became fun time. This was my last year Grahamstown Festival Shoot and boy did i have an epic time there.





How kids inspire



In a lot of ways i believe that kids inspire us a lot in fashion generally because they so carefree. Kids make fashion a fun place, kids always jump around and become super happy once they wear something that they love they discover a cute and nice glow. A glow is something we all need because it brings confidence within.

Learn from kids, they can teach you a lot


This is the post excerpt.



So basically i always have a fight with people around me about sunglasses, generally as the name says Sunglasses are there to protect your eyes against the sun.

So if you look at the types of Sunglasses that are available these days you will notice that they are very stylish and really can not just be worn outside and in summer only. they have become a very important accessory to many of us.

But if you meet someone for the first time and this is not your friend really wearing sunglasses while talking may come out as being very rude.

Always find sunglasses that suit you not swallow up