The Fashion Price


Fashion or should i say styling doesn’t have to be expensive, actually it is not expensive fashion and styling is all about you find something that is you and you feel that you can pull it off very well.


If something is beautiful and you love it you should have it. If you want to stay on top of the fashion game then you will shop everywhere and it won’t matter what the price tag on the garment is.

The coats you see here were just R120 each from a street market in one of my home town.



Style is what ever you do with fashion/clothes


Every Journey is a PhotoShoot


Traveling is always a memory on its own when you add a photoshoot to it, it became fun time. This was my last year Grahamstown Festival Shoot and boy did i have an epic time there.





Winter styles

Winter Winter Winter

Winter has to be my favorite season of the 4. Think of it, it’s the only time where you can really layer a lot without looking like a mad person. in summer you can’t really pullofff the layering trend well because of the heat and you would generally starting sweating and we all know it’s not a great look


In winter we always go for coats and jackets to keep warm but at the some time i mean what is winter without them? I believe one should always try to match they shoe with they coat or jacket because everything else on your outfit will be over powered by coat anyways so the items that really make sense is the shoe and coat or maybe even a beanie.

When finding a coat find something that is you and is fun.